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Ask whois.com about "DeVictorMason.com"
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$600 WordPress Jobs Available

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By now you have downloaded the PDF at :arrow: 7millionjobs.com/about-us-2 and looked at the people who helped this project. I GUARANTEE all of them will assist promoting the website after they see it is without errors, 301's, 404's and whatever else is not good. And because my photo is there also so it means my reputation is on the line. Nobody wants his/her name on a piece of junk software so your job is about helping us in making this a success worldwide.

You software developers are fortunate because some of you have great skills. You do not have my marketing skills and so you require clients like myself to hire your skills. If I knew what you know about software then this job would already be working and more famous than the Wuhan Virus.

At the bottom of this page :arrow: https://7millionjobs.com/video-samples/
is a link into the WhatsApp Crowdfunding discussion. You are invited to discuss there so everyone knows everything. You will be banned if you begin promoting other things not related to the 7millionjobs project. So do not talk about your Fiverr profile, links to your portfolio, etc. As a member of this discussion group here, you can put that into your signature.

In the group's media files is this index directory file: http://www.galaxyfunderwebmasters.com/a ... 4fdd6.xlsx

This file can be updated by all of you by sending to me a link that needs to be included. Keeping a copy of it in your HDD allows you to know what job you want to work on and more about it. When I have spare time I will update it here. That file duplicates what is on this GalaxyFunderWebmasters website. I have hired many others who have together done MOST of the work.

In my Upwork profile for Asian Highway Network you will see I have hired almost 40 people. but will need a long term team for guaranteeing all of the jobs work correctly into the website. Remember, you saw in the PDF who is in the Marketing Team. When I want to hire a driver to take me to the airport, I do not tell him go 200 meters and exit into the right lane then go 1 kilometer and turn left. I expect to hire freelancers who already know what to do and so I HATE when you ask for step by step instructions, wireframes, and other unnecessary documentation you can easily get from the plugin creators. If I went to a hospital for emergency surgery and the Doctors asked me how to do this or to CONFIRM how to do that I would RUN fast away. So this is why you have a discussion group to ask each other how to do this and how to do that part of this website.
:arrow: https://7millionjobs.com/video-samples/ You will see the join discussion link here.
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