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Ask whois.com about "DeVictorMason.com"
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Abour Our Fiverr Clone

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:D FOR SOME REASON the Developer Andraic refuses to tell us about links using this themes so we can get ideas from each other and share notes together. :arrow: https://sitemile.com/products/wordpress ... job-theme/ Post a link to your site in your signature file and in your posts here. Recruit other of his buyers to network here because he has closed down the forum he used to have. I have been a customer of his since around 2016 and remember on the users forum how so many of us had different problems that others did not have. Almost like he somehow could modify our files as if he had a direct link into our coding.

We use the Pricerr theme at :arrow: https://latest.asianhighway26.com as one part of our main project at https://7millionjobs.com Ours is not only a specialized jobs development project but includes a video marketing service.

Trustpilot says he has 400 positive feedbacks but you cannot verify any of that. :evil: Also they will not sell you a list of the emails who posted those feedbacksnor assist in anyway to contact those who provided feedback. Many people would love to know how you use any of his themes.

I once asked Andraic for a text file of all of his files in a theme, and what that file did. I wanted to feed certain files into GPT3, Copilot and others to modify or improve them but he refused to cooperate. Do YOU 100% understand functions.php or the rewrite rules in the MySQL? Does your theme suddenly developed issues when he has recently updated to a new version of the one you purchased? :lol:

On another post in this website I mention putting all copies I have purchased of the theme online so my team can review them to work better for the 7millionjobs project. I'm putting my files into :arrow: :arrow: https://github.com/asianhighway and creating a TEAM to help block "backdoors" or unknown doors into my website. Please consider doing the same with your themes from Sitemile.com. Do not just look at what has been posted here, contribute your info so it will assist all of us. Speak about what your site goals are and how we can assist each other.

Ask for help when you need it. Look at what I have uploaded at https://latest.asianhighway26.com/modifications and see the progress I made at https://7millionjobs.com/testing and you'll see we have A LONG WAY to go. Will pay if you can assist.
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