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Post by devictorkingmason » Thu Apr 21, 2022 10:54 pm

I have need to locate people who know how to use this software:

Here are some options and skills you will likely use: ... 8-1&ia=web ... 8-1&ia=web

I have a small mailing list <= 100k and want to:
1.) send surveys to discover their interests;
2.) send a newsletter talking about the latest we offer;
3.) include videos and/or images;
4.) not send info to the wrong group of people;
5.) use a standard header image, footer text and so on;
6.) always share our youtube channels and ask them to subscribe, etc;
7.) include any links to our offers;
8.) whatever else we should/could be doing.

AM NOT looking to write any Algorithms telling you what to do and how to do it.

I'll say here is the task and YOU figure how to do it the best way.
If you show all of us a sample of some idea you want me to use that would be best.
Put that URL here for others to know about and comment on your idea.

I work in Tourism Development, offering to quickly develop up to 7Million part time tourism related jobs to the Government & Tourism officials in over 104 different countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas from Argentina to Alaska. Noticed how every location begins with the letter "A"? :lol:

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