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Hiring Administrator & Supervisor

Post by devictorkingmason » Wed Sep 28, 2022 12:03 am

"At www.7millionjobs.com we provide funding, training and assistance to Governments & Tourism Officials in 110+ countries to QUICKLY deliver up to 7Million full or part-time tourism related jobs to your citizens."

This job was posted into Upwork, to allow me more time to concentrate on more important tasks, like launching the website, raising cash to hire you guys, and other necessary networking obligations.

1.) You will be assigned jobs selected from https://GalaxyFunderWebmasters.com;
2.) You & I will verify you completely understand the job results desired;
3.) Sometimes you may be assigned a subdomain or staging site;
4.) 99% of your work is for www.7millionjobs.com;
5.) You/We will create & post some of those jobs into Upwork;
6.) YOU will interview applicants and select the lowest cost persons;
7.) You will have them complete assigned projects within 72 hours;
8.) You will not allow downloading/backing up our software;
9.) You may recommend creating milestone payments when necessary;
10.)To control budgets, you will not hire hourly;
11.) You will promptly reply to all of their questions;
12.) You will not bother me until the project is ready to be paid;
13.) You will verify within 48 hours their work product operates correctly;
14.) Verify correctly annotated /** code describing what was done**/
15.) Use child themes for all modifications;
16.) After verifying work done correctly, notify me to verify and release payments.

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