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Post by devictorkingmason » Thu Oct 06, 2022 2:56 pm

:D The license for the PRO version has been activated. We have SES from Amazon installed here: .

While in Malaysia during the lockdowns I lost the USA telephone number assigned for 2FA Root User access ... od=SHA-256. So, when they say "For your security, approve the notification sent to:" this can not be done.
Hello there,

Unfortunately, AWS account security policies don't permit us to discuss account-specific information unless you're signed into the account you're asking about.

Please sign in under the email address associated with the AWS account you’d like to discuss and contact us from the Support Center (you can do so even if your account is suspended or closed):
Anyway, since I now have another aws account, your job is to get the plugin working correctly. The goal is to use some of these ... 8-1&ia=web with our logo & header.

Every website wants info about what is of interest to its viewers, to add them into or remove them from specialized mailing lists, and to see how they respond to surveys.
Our website has many options in the footer so we need to ask traffic for their opinions about this or that and save their replies into the DB.

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