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Post by devictorkingmason » Sat Sep 03, 2022 5:50 pm
Your job here is to help us earn Advertising fees in each country seen at Learn this plugin and set up any software system required to possibly automate receiving Ads from customers. You will likely be employed as needed. Clients may be located worldwide and may want their ads in more than one country. You must expect to charge different Ad fees for different countries. A hits counter is "under construction" which should easily show which locations are most active.

Currently just under the image of the President/Prime Minister is a photo of a female. That is the area you will begin with. Her image and Wikipedia link should not be deleted.
Fluent English is required for zoom, W.A. & Telegram discussions. :cry: NO students requiring training will be hired. :evil: The good news is you could be working with us as long as our website is running. :D

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